Opening: Thu. April 21st, 2022

Backyard Palazzina 21/04/2022—19/06/2022

Sophie Yerly

Sophie Yerly. Angle mort. 2022.
Sophie Yerly. Angle mort. 2022.

For the last months that Palazzina was located at Alemannengasse 60, it presented a work that emerged from a publicly announced competition for its backyard.
Through a targeted intervention, boundaries blurred, previous assumptions appeared distorted or different directions could even be united. The site-specific work Angle Mort by Sophie Yerly defied architectural constraints and linked the street to the courtyard of Palazzina, departing from only one point.
Angle Mort by Sophie Yerly was on view until the 19th of June and could also be seen outside the usual opening hours from the Fischerweg street.

Photos: Guadalupe Ruiz.