Opening: Sun. June 9th, 2024 14H — 22H

Gravity’s end - Palazzina #25 09/06/2024—16/06/2024

Gina Proenza

Gina Proenza. Sketch for a storm. 2023.

In the third edition of the mobile structure 'On Foot,' artist Gina Proenza has created works that interact with its form, and boundaries, in different ways. Some of her pieces dissolve the exterior of the structure, while others connect to it or turn away.
A vertical tower is suddenly revealed to have an unreachable inside and a soft jingle that expands in all directions from outstretched tongues.

The design and development of On Foot were led by Group 321, consisting of Ester Alemayehu Hatle, Jakub Andrzejewski, and Emil Hvelplund Kristiansen.

At Basel Social Club 2024, Bruderholz-Baselland.