Opening: Fri. May 31st, 2024 18H — 22H

Scarecrows don’t talk - Palazzina #24 31/05/2024—07/07/2024

Salome Jokhadze Jennifer Merlyn Scherler Rhona Mühlebach

"Scarecrows Don’t Talk
In Palazzina #24 resounds the exclamation: “You did say something!” - even if we’re not used to them talking, or sometimes like to think that they don’t have a brain and thus don’t talk. Yet, the Palazzina house is currently populated with characters like the Slime Mould who seems to leak into our rooms while enacting its narration that goes beyond time, a group of teeth who gain a surprising agency when removed from the artists’ mouth or a soothing voice taking us into the confidence of that passion lying behind the words. In our more delirious moments we even start remembering the meaningful moments we spent together with the characters presented on the timeline/scroll on the first floor. When plunging into the worlds featured in the works of Salome Jokhadze, Rhona Mühlebach and Jennifer Merlyn Scherler we, as spectators, begin to feel the contact points of “this great heavy sack of stuff” on our back. This bag is filled with small things, tiny remnants, most of them not larger than a mustard seed. Daily we engage amongst ourselves in structures and thoughts that begin without an end, we experience transformations and translations which we nourish from our great heavy bag, and which feed back into our great heavy bag."

Fragment from the exhibition text by Vera Mühlebach